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The Vehicle Rocket Launcher (stylized as Vehgun) is a large, rocket-launcher type weapon, for use with Corvettes. This is a very uncommon weapon for vehicles, being wielded only by the Corvettes in the final level of the Campaign. The weapon has a similar appearance to the Rocket Launcher, but slightly bigger, with a vehicle attachment that has a red stripe behind the barrel. The red stripe changes color while reloading.

The vehicle gun is fairly powerful in terms of damage. It fires multiple (four) rockets in a rapid burst, each straying a bit off target. Each rocket does about as much damage as an unupgraded Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro projectile. This weapon can be extremely deadly when fired at an opponent that cannot move or is pinned down.


  • Map Editor ID for this weapon is gun_vehgun.
  • It fires 4 rockets in a rapid succession and then it reloads for 1-2 seconds. This is the one of the four weapons which utilize advanced reloading mechanisms, the others being the M4A1, Glock and Combat Rifle CS-OICW.
  • Due to a bug in reloading mechanisms, it always fires one rocket the first time it is used.

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