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Version 1.28A was a temporary version of Plazma Burst 2 which was released on 1 April 2018.

List of changes


  • All characters have had their sounds changed.
  • Characters have larger heads.
  • Weapons are also larger.
  • Some hint messages have been simplified.


  • A message next to the game's name on the site was added. It simply read "No".

Voice lines

All characters shared the same voice lines during the briefly-public update. They appear to be created with the DECtalk speech synthesizer or a similar emulation.

  • Aeiou (dectalk_welcome5)
  • Aeiou (expressionless) (dectalk_welcome4)
  • Aeiou (surprised) (dectalk_welcome3)
  • John Madden (dectalk_welcome2)
  • John Madden (surprised) (dectalk_welcome1)
  • Ow (dectalk_hurt3)
  • Aah (dectalk_hurt2)
  • Ugh (dectalk_hurt1)
  • Ugh... I might die (dectalk_dying4)
  • Ah... my legs (dectalk_dying3)
  • Ow... help me (dectalk_dying2)
  • Arm... not like this (dectalk_dying1)
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (dectalk_death3)
  • Oh no... I'm dead (dectalk_death2)
  • No (dectalk_death1)
  • In space, nobody can hear you (dectalk_celebrate5)
  • What have I done? (dectalk_celebrate4)
  • Yay (dectalk_celebrate3)
  • Because space (dectalk_celebrate2)
  • Hahaha (dectalk_celebrate1)


  • The .swf file of the game is only 6.63 MB compared to the 7.26 MB size of the version 1.28 game file.
  • The .swf file had the suffix of 1apr.

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