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Version 1.32 was a major update for Plazma Burst 2 and a minor one for the Advanced Level Editor and website. It was the largest single update for the game. Like version 1.28, this update added a variety of community-made weapons, characters, and decorations. The update also introduced Experience, which is rewarded to players for killing enemies or simply being active in-game. Its beta was released on July 27 2019, and was fully released on October 10 2019.

Like the previous community update, 1.32's additions were voted on by players.[1] Instead of all additions being revealed at once, additions were revealed in sets on the news page. Each set had one character, two decorations, and three weapons. Set five and later had two characters instead of one. In total, there were seven sets of updates.

In total, the update added: 14 new characters, 42 new built in decors, and 32 new guns (excluding variants).

List of changes


  • New community-made decorations:
    • Wall camera
    • Various flags/banners
    • Healing kit
    • Holograms
    • XXF Rapier
    • Weapon Crate
    • Portable Fission Chamber
    • Ceiling camera
    • Storage locker
    • Trees and pots
  • New wall types
    • Dry grass
    • Dark grass
    • Clean dark plate
    • Bright plate
    • Clean bright plate
    • Usurpation plate
    • Stripes
    • Asphalt
    • White concrete
    • PB:FTTP-like concrete
    • Wet sand
    • Mud
    • Usurpation tiles
    • Stone bricks
    • Wood
    • Rocks
  • New skies:
    • Stormy
    • Evening
    • Darker clouds
    • Cumulus
    • Bluish sky with clouds
  • PHANX-92 Rifle had its ejection port moved to the correct position and renamed to PHANX-92 Falconet.
  • Proxy was slightly changed to fix a visual error.
  • Plasma projectiles now create an explosion on impact.
  • Shark was added as a dummy weapon for custom maps.
  • Hitboxes were altered significantly in an effort to mitigate the effects of lag.

Interface changes

    • The healthbar will become green if the player is poisoned.
  • High ping notification moved from the center to the top of the screen.
  • Map preview images will now be shown in the match list.
  • Recently used map IDs are saved in a dropdown list.
  • The volume of custom audio can be altered independently of vanilla audio.
  • An experience bar will appear at the bottom of the screen when the player is rewarded experience.
  • Players can opt in to log in automatically in multiplayer.

Level editor

  • New trigger actions:
    • Var > Rotate decoration to angle-value of variable 'B' (in degrees)
    • Var > Rotate decoration to angle-value 'B' (in degrees)
    • Character > Attempt healing of player-initiator by 'A' hit points. Stop trigger execution if player-initiator has maximum hit points or died
    • Character > Heal player 'A' by 'B' hit points
    • Character > Heal player 'A' by value of variable 'B'
    • Var > Rotate decoration to angle-value of variable 'B' (in radians)
    • Var > Rotate decoration to angle-value 'B' (in radians)
    • Region > Move region 'A' to cursor of player 'B'
    • Gun > Assign sound 'B' as firing sound for weapon 'A'
    • Gameplay > Allow Time Warp
    • Gameplay > Disallow Time Warp
    • Var > Save energy value to variable 'A' (gameplay)
    • Var > Load energy value from variable 'A' (gameplay)
    • Var > Set max energy value to value of variable 'A' (gameplay)
    • Var > Save current AI difficulty to variable 'A' (easy = 1, normal = 2, hard = 3)
    • Decoration > Set decoration X scale to value 'B'
    • Decoration > Set decoration Y scale to value 'B'
    • Character > Change Character 'A' skin properties to skin properties of skin 'B' while keeping limb models and color palette (voice and invisibility change only)
    • Character > Set intensity scale of entity pushing force for player 'A' (default 0)
    • Character > Set radius of entity pushing force for player 'A' (default 200)
    • Character > Set Character 'A' voice preset to 'B'
    • Character > Add ghost effect to Character 'A'
    • Character > Remove ghost effect to Character 'A'
    • Trigger execution > Continue trigger actions execution only if loading of custom images has been finished
    • Trigger execution > Continue trigger actions execution only if all custom images have been successfully loaded (any error will prevent execution until map is restarted)
    • Var > Save current number of loaded custom images to variable 'A'
    • Var > Save number of expected custom images on current level to variable 'A'
    • Region > Silently teleport player-initiator from Region 'A' to Region 'B'
    • Var > Set variable 'A' to 1 if compromised song should play (if non-dying enemy is hunting player or player is hunting non-dying enemy). Sets to value 0.5 in case if song should be played more quietly (if there are non-dying enemies within radius of 400px). In else case sets to 0.
    • Character > Apply damage-over-time effect to player-initiator with power 'A' and duration 'B' (30 duration = 1 second)
    • Character > Remove all effects from player-initiator
    • Region > Spawn damage particles of Character 'A' at the center of Region 'B'
    • Sound > Play sound 'A' at Region 'B' (volume and stereo effect won't be updated once sound starts)
    • Experience > Reward player with experience points for level completion (singleplayer)
    • Experience > Reward player-initiator with experience points for level completion (multiplayer)
    • Gun > Override existing Gun 'A' with a new gun with model 'B'
    • Trigger > Bind Trigger 'A' execution to key 'B' press event
    • Trigger > Bind Trigger 'A' execution to key 'B' release event
    • Gameplay > Disable automatic disabling of offscreen entities (automatic disabling is enabled by default)
    • Gameplay > Enable automatic disabling of offscreen entities (automatic disabling is enabled by default)
    • Decoration > Mask Decoration 'A' with Decoration 'B' (Flash Player only)
    • Var > Set value of variable 'A' to value of variable with name of string-value of variable 'B'
    • Var > Set string-value of variable 'A' to string-value 'B' while replacing all variable names found in string-value with corresponding variable values
    • Var > Override existing Gun 'A' with a new gun with model by string-value of variable 'B'
    • Character > Set jump multiplier for player 'A' to value 'B'
  • Images can now be placed in-game with an external URL, and can be used as either decorations or backgrounds
  • New color themes for the editor interface
    • Dark
    • Purple
    • Green


  • 'Unread news' tab added next to 'Friends Online' tab.
  • Active bans are now shown on profile pages under 'status' section.
  • Experience has been added to profile pages.