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Kicking or vote-kicking is the process for players to remove another player from a multiplayer match via popular vote or Game Master interference. To intitiate the voting, a player needs to hold the "TAB" (scoreboard) key and press the "X" beside the player's name that they want to vote to kick. Other players within the game can vote to kick this player by selecting the "X" besides the players name.

When a player is kicked, they are sent back the server's game list, where they can choose to find another game. Kicks work as bans and the kicked player cannot return to the game they were kicked from.

Game Masters

Game Masters can't be kicked

A Game Master is a player who has started the match. Game Masters have the ability to instantly remove anyone from the match, regardless of wait or vote, as well as the ability to be impossible to kick. If a Game Master leaves the match and rejoin, he'll still be the Game Master.

However, the Game Master feature is restricted to private unranked matches. That means there may NOT be a Game Master in a ranked or/and public match. The usual vote kick is the only way to remove players from these matches.

Moderators and above are considered Game Masters no matter the match. This means it is impossible to kick a Staff Member out of a match.


  • This feature is heavily abused. Players tend to vote against other players because of unwise reasons such as scoring a death because of that player, simply hating the player, or for no reason at all.
  • After a player voted to exclude someone, the kick feature had a 1-minute "cooldown" time before it could be used again. Because of an update, this feature will now take 3 seconds to cooldown.
  • PB2 Staff members always have Game Master abilities, no matter which game they join. This does not apply to Support Team members.
Pre-v1.20 votekick